Bill Clinton : The Presidential Politics And How Most American 's Felt During The Decade

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"1.5 The United States in the 1990s." The United States in the 1990s - North Carolina Digital History. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Dec. 2016.

This source tells about the presidential politics and how most American’s felt during the 1990’s. Bill Clinton was the Democratic nominee running against Democratic president George Bush. The election of 1992 also brought out a strong independent party nominee, Ross Perot. “He would be the most successful third-party candidate since Theodore Roosevelt in 1912.” While George Bush used the fact that Clinton was merely 46 in comparison to Bush being 68, Bush also broadcasted the fact Clinton had never served in the military and even protested the Vietnam War. Bill Clinton had the advantage of hearing President Kennedy speak and meeting him. Clinton used many of the fundamentals Kennedy believed in. When the election ended the number broke up 37% Bush, 19% Perot, and 43% for Clinton. Ultimately Bill Clinton was elected president in 1992. Clinton led with the idea of big government good, this earned him the title of “new democrat.” A notable fact about Clinton was his desire to help gay people. He originally got rid of the policy kicking gays out of the military, after backlash from many people he amended his order to “don’t ask, don’t tell.” In 1993 congress passed Clintons policies on North American Free Trade Agreement after much debate and altering. 1994 brought large change to politics, “in November, the voters gave the Republicans control of…

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