George Washington Strength Analysis

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Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington were all impeccable leaders. Jefferson had a massive impact on our country, and we may not even be here if it weren't for Washington and his time served as general during the Revolutionary War. But, the achievements made by them do not necessarily reflect on how strong of a president they were. President Lincoln not only was the figurehead for the abolishment of slavery, but he stood as this figurehead when a vast majority of the nation believed strongly against him. He worked tirelessly at ending slavery and did it ever so strategically and fairly that to argue against him being the strongest president listed would be absurd.

Strength is defined as "the quality or state of being strong, in particular", this definition can be taken in many ways. In this situation, strength is being discussed as a characteristic of someone's personality. Meaning, that person is strong in how they act, lead, and believe. Lincoln displayed this by using tactics no one expected to help support his cause when he was the underdog.

By this, I mean that he did things no one thought would benefit him. He appointed people from the opposite political party to his
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Without George Washington this country may have not won the Revolutionary War, although this shows off Washington's bravery and military skill it does not reflect on his presidency, since he was in the war before he became president. Thomas Jefferson also shaped the nation tremendously, having served on many important groups in the beginning of America's government. He served as the president from 1801-1809 but the only advancement he had made during his presidency was purchasing the Louisiana Territory. So to say either of these men were strong presidents based on their overall actions is

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