Bill Clinton Dnc Speech Essay

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Bill Clinton 2012 Democratic National Convention Speech
As first stated by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle, the art of rhetoric in persuasive speaking is based upon the usage of the three key components, logos, ethos and pathos. Logos representing the usage of logic and reasoning within the speech or text, ethos representing the writer or speaker’s credibility and pathos representing how the speaker or author establishes an emotional connection with the audience. In former president Bill Clinton’s 2012 democratic national convention he relies heavily upon Aristotle’s persuasive speaking techniques to help convince the participants of the convention and those watching at home to reelect the nominee of the Democratic Party, current
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He takes a jab at the republican national convention by indirectly calling them professional liars through their clean appearance and ability to convince the people that they are good Christians whose only worry is the general welfare of Americans and how they almost had Clinton himself convinced that they were telling the truth which drew good laughter from the crowd. As the crowd laughs, they find themselves more and more attracted to Clinton, making it easier for him to convince them of his arguments, effectively using the benefits of pathos and he doesn’t stop there. Clinton also goes on to mention that the other candidate plans on cutting spending on government programs such as head start preschool program for poor children which evoked a sense of compassion from anyone in the audience who is around children or sympathizes with under privileged children which was practically everyone in the audience also effectively allowing Clinton to find another connection with the audience.
Another persuasive technique he utilizes is his usage of logic and reasoning by referencing facts and statistics. His reference to actual political facts helps to convince those in the audience who aren’t as easily swayed solely through their emotions. He points out that in the past 52 years the Republican Party was in charge for 28 years and the democrats for 24 years and

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