Bill Clinton - Bill Bush Essay

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William Clinton, known as Bill Clinton, was born on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas. Bill’s father, William Blythe, died in a car accident just months before Clinton was born, To provide for Bill his mother left bill in Arkansas with his grandparents to go to nursing school in New orleans. Clinton 's grandparents were strict, they taught bill at a young age how important education is. Clinton learned to read by age 3. Clinton 's mother returned to Arkansas with a degree in nursing when bill was just 4 years old. shortly after she married Bill’s step dadRoger Clinton, they then moved from hope to hot springs Arkansas. Bill Clinton became a devoted Baptist from a very young age. Every Sunday morning, Bill would wake up and walk to church by himself. Clintons favorite part about church was the music, which lead bill to play the saxophone.
Clinton attended High School in Hot Springs Arkansas, Bill was a straight A student and excelled in playing the saxaphone. Johnnie Mae Mackey, Bills high school principal taught Bill the importance of public service and was always encouraging bill to excell in school and life. Johnnie was Bill’s biggest mentor.
After graduating high school in 1964, Clinton went to Georgetown University to study international affairs, but quickly changed his mind and decided to study politics. Clinton served as the president of his his freshman and sophmore classes. However, Clinton lost the election for student body president during his junior year,…

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