Essay on Bilingual Vs. Bilingual Education

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If you were to ask an American adult whether or not he could speak another language, you would most likely get answer along the lines of, “I took a couple years of Spanish in high school, but I couldn’t speak it now if my life depended on it.” Sadly, if you were to go to a foreign country you would find most people there speak at least two languages. So what’s the difference between our country and theirs? Most of these other countries require their students to start studying another language in their early elementary years. You should support bilingual education because it is proven that bilingual children outshine other students academically, it will teach them to accept other cultures, and lastly speaking another language could land them their dream job over someone else.
Many researchers worldwide have proven that biliteracy and bilingualism have many positive psychocognitive outcomes. For example, Merino, writer for many international corporations, states that bilingual students score higher in cognitive assessments, have better reasoning, and are more attentive in school (Merino 1). As a result of learing two languages there is more action in the prefrontal cortex (Merino 1). Metaphorically speaking, our brain is like the rest of our muscles, obviously the more you use it the more vigorous, quick, and productive it gets (Merino 2). Furthermore, typically you would be able to see the difference in social classes when you look at test scores, but researcher Wayne P.…

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