Bilbo's Journey In The Hobbit

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What is it that makes a hero? Is it their appearance, their powers or the strength that they possess? In reality it is the journey, also known as the hero’s quest cycle. Whether it’s a real life hero or a fictional hero it is the journey that differentiates a hero from an ordinary person. Bilbo Baggins a small hobbit, who is unlike a hero, proves otherwise through the journey he takes. What truly makes Bilbo a heroic figure are the actions he takes in response to the challenges presented to him. The following evidence proves that facing tests, allies and enemies is the most important stage of the hero’s quest cycle as it transformed Bilbo from a fearful hobbit into a confident and brave hero. Incidents supporting that tests allies and enemies …show more content…
For instance, when Bilbo was attacked by the trolls “The dwarves had heard noises from a distance, and after waiting for some time for Bilbo to come back or to hoot like an owl, they started off one by one to creep towards the light” (Tolkien 45). At this time the dwarves had no reason to save Bilbo, but they proved themselves as strong allies by going into the unknown and risking their lives for his. This was necessary as Bilbo would not have been able to continue to conquer his quest without their help. “It was the wizard’s voice that had kept the trolls bickering and quarrelling, until the light came and made an end of them” (Tolkien 50). Gandalf was another strong ally of Bilbo’s. Gandalf used clever techniques to rescue Bilbo and the dwarves; as a result, making Bilbo trust his allies. This was important as he would require help to be successful on this difficult journey. Hence, meaning that allies played a significant role in Bilbo’s journey of becoming a brave and confident, as without them Bilbo would not be able to keep going on this tough journey and achieve the final

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