Big Skinny Case

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Big skinny’s sale on wallets is increasing every day and its future is unquestionably bright. The company started as a small retail distributor dedicated to delivering unique wallets, but with its hope to increase the market base, Big Skinny considered going online. However, amid its decision to go online were various challenges that this essay hopes to analyze while making appropriate recommendations.
When it was starting out, Big Skinny’s CEO launched the company through street fair sales. Then in order to expand the company he utilized retail distribution along with print advertising. However, to achieve its ultimate growth, the CEO knew that he had to use online marketing. Thus he sought to make a website where the products received exceptional response especially through its promotional campaigns. The customers loved the original skinny wallet not only because of their quality, but also because of their design (Edelman & Kominers, 2011, p. 2).
Key problems
However, reaching the online market presented two challenges for big skinny. The first problem was on how they would attract customers to their new site. The second problem is on how they would convince the customers to buy the product (Edelman & Kominers, 2011, p. 2).
In order to deal with these problems Big
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This means that the company should spend more resource on social media and video and reduce the effort they spend on search engines. Besides, the company should offer retail markets like Amazon a chance to not only enhance its brand but to also increase its sales. This way, big skinny will have dealt with marketing through a long term strategy and it will spend less time and money on marketing. Thus, with increasing competition for the search engines, these are the most visible ways of reaching Big Skinny’s mission of maximum

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