Bicycle Is The Best Choice For College Students Essays

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Transportation system penetrates college life, which largely impacts people’s social life patterns as well as academic plans in campus. Thus, it is essential to choose a means of transportation that works most efficiently and safely for commuting. Among various choices, bicycles should become the perfect option because of their portability and speed. In the thesis, by analyzing the advantages of riding bicycles in campus by comparing them to other means of transportation such as bus and walking from different angles such as speed, safety, health, I argue that bicycle is the best choice for college students and faculties. Furthermore, the thesis responds to a larger conversation because bicycle is a safe option for people on campus over the US, and researches have confirmed that riding bicycles also bring people health benefits, encouraging those who are seeking more exercise. Safe and health are the two topic that both students and faculties in the universities are concerned about.

Firstly, bicycle would be the fastest choice for people to travel on campus. Yet some readers may challenge my view by insisting that public transportation or private car travels much faster than bicycles. Indeed, they can move far beyond bicycle’s speed limit. However, plenty of time can be wasted except the pure traveling time. For example, the long interval between successive buses and the require to park if people drive their own cars to school result in the usual delay compared with…

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