Biblical And Personal Worldview And How It Has Changed My Thought Process

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Our biblical and personal worldview is our roadmap to a more intimate relationship with God. Through our Christian journey we must stay in alignment with God’s will and ways for our life. As we learn new things about Him and His ways, we must not only apply it to our biblical worldview, but to our personal worldview as well. This paper will discuss biblical and personal worldview, and how it has changed my thought process. The chart below are some of the aspects of the zeitgeist that help move us toward God’s goal, and some that unfortunately cause a hindrance to His goals.
Helpful Hindrance
Confident in our biblical and personal worldview based on biblical principles Lack of confidence and no clear understanding of our worldview
Consistent meditation on the Word, so that it may live inside of us Allowing our thoughts to be the word of God
Knowing that we are created in His Image No clear identity in God

Based on both lists, I have learned in order to carry out the Lord’s mission, and His purpose for our lives, and in order to reach our destiny we must hunger and thirst for God. In addition, we must be educated in His word, do not lack confidence, know who we are in God, and do not waver from the biblical truth.
In examining Chapter 9, God’s separateness from his creation is not adequately represented in my worldview. I have come to understand the meaning of Deuteronomy 31:6, (New International Version) “The Lord will never leave you, nor forsake you.”, but He will…

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