Best Buy - the Importance of Organizational Culture and Change

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Best Buy - The Importance of Organizational Culture and Change
Organizational cultures that can be a liability to an organization include those that create barriers to change, create barriers to diversity or barriers to mergers and acquisitions. (Robbins, S. P. 2011) Organizational cultures are also good for change and revitalization of a company. This paper will provide background information on Best Buy and the ROWE (Results-Only Work Environment) Program. This paper will describe the culture of Best Buy. This paper will also discuss the approach to organizational change that the ROWE program illustrates. This case has sources of stress and this paper will discuss the sources that are apparent in the case. Changes have occurred
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The approach to organizational change that the ROWE (Results-Only Work Environment) Program illustrates is a mentality where work is not a place you go work is something to do. Best Buy decided to launch ROWE after realizing that a work-life balance program was not enough to change the culture within the organization. The Program has thirteen principles and rules. Employees can work when and where they like, as long as the employees get the job done. All meetings are optional, except for very few mandatory meetings. Employees may not judge how peers and colleagues spend their time. As long as employees meet all deadlines, employees can do what they want and whenever they want. ROWE is about results.
Discuss the resistance, both organization and individual that the ROWE program had to overcome.
The ROWE program had some resistance, both at the organizational and individual level. Resistance is a word used to describe what a person is doing if that person does not see things done his or her way. One of the rules of the ROWE program was that all members of the department had to approve the change. If one resisted, nobody in the department could be a part of the program. As amazing as the program sounds, the ROWE program received rejection from all employees of certain departments and from individual members of the management staff. The legal department resisted the new way of working. The in-house attorneys were concerned

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