Bernie Sanders Strengths And Weaknesses

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Strengths: Bernie Sanders’ issues are relatable to everyone. His issues are popular and almost everyone has something to say about them. Sanders’ ideas are resonating with a wide audience. He wants to increase the federal minimum wage to fifteen dollars. He also wants to raise taxes for the sections of the upper class that get paid more. A big upside to Sanders is that he cares a lot about the lower classes. He wants to make their futures brighter and make them have a better chance to achieve their goals. Sanders is all pro-choice; this shows us that Sanders cares about what the people think and he will allow them to make their own decisions as a part of this free country. Another strength is that Sanders does really well under pressure. If a crisis arose, for example: the terrorist attacks in Paris, he would be quick to react in the moment. Bernie Sanders says, “We need to be tough, but not stupid”. Sanders isn’t quick to back down from a fight. He continues to follow through until he achieves his goals. Sanders is a senator in Vermont, and won’t have to adapt to the office. Sanders seems to tell the truth all the time. Everything that he says really makes me believe that those are his thoughts. For example: he wants college to be free, as long as you’ve had prior education. Sanders doesn’t care what …show more content…
Sanders has been behind Clinton in almost all of the polls that I have recorded. He is ahead of her the whole time in the New Hampshire polls. Sanders is a strong candidate and he has good views about most topics, but people will not agree with him. Most adults haven’t been siding with him, and those are the votes that count. Another reason why Sanders will not win is because more votes will go towards Clinton. He can try to persuade people to vote for him but he can’t change if they want Clinton. She is always at least 15 percent higher than

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