Bering Land Bridge Essay

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The route the first Americans took to North America is still a controversy. One of the most widely known is that they traveled to Beringia from Siberia on a land bridge that was between Asia and North America. This theory is that there used to not be water between these two continents, and the first people to come to America was on accident, due to exploration for hunting purposes. If this were true it would be an answer to one of Americas longest standing questions. Where did the Native Americans come from? The Bering Land Bridge is still only a theory, however if true, its reflects were Americas first settlers arrived from and supports facts of continental migration, a widely known theory and to some people proven fact.

Among the first
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However, that is not the most known thing about Raleigh. He had founded, and colonized, an island called Roanoke. Shortly after inhabiting Roanoke, Raleigh sent another group to set up a colony as well. This second group was led by John White. A short time after setting up residence on the island, John White had set sails back to England for supplies. When he returned the colony was abandoned and the word CROATOAN was carved on the door. The colonists were never found and are now known as “The Lost Colony.” This could have been one of the first examples of how the Native Americans did not want England to take over North America.

Among the many conflicts that arose within the colonies, Bacons Rebellion was one of the most prominent. Nathaniel Bacon was a planter, whose foreman was killed by an Indian arrow. This had caused him to believe the Native Tribes were evil and murderous. So he gathered up fellow colonists that agreed with him and took to the country side killing Native Americans. He killed not only the guilty tribes but the innocent and peaceful ones as well. Bacons Rebellion eventually was stopped by the militia, although it was after Bacon had already died from illness. His followers were hanged for their
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It is unclear as to how many tribes joined in with Pontiacs efforts, due to the nature of Indian Tribes normally not working together, there is still some speculations of them coming together for the purpose of the mission. The Indians had begun seizing multiple forts in an attempt to get rid of the English. As a result, the British had begun burning Indian Villages to the ground. Once Pontiac saw the losses that were collecting for the Indians a truce was called and the Pontiac War ended in 1764.

The turning point of the American Revolution was the battle at Saratoga. This is where the Americans had captured the largest amount of British redcoats in one single victory. It gave a boost of encouragement to all of the Patriots in America. This battle also helped get France to side with America to go against Britain. In return Britain soldiers had lost a lot of morale due to the nature of the battle and the degree at which they had

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