Benjamin Franklin 's Impact On Society Essay

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Arguably the most prominent father of the modern United States, Benjamin Franklin has unequivocally made an impact in our country’s society. On top of Franklin’s already incredible accomplishments, his writings really outline what it means to be a “self-made man” and created a model for what an average citizen striving to be great should aim for. Franklin’s example as a “self-made man” has not only established a new status quo in America, but has shaken the entire idea of what it means to be a prominent and respected figure in our world. As one of the most brilliant men in the history of this world, Franklin’s model is very aspirational for the common man, although it represents something gargantuan to strive for, as Franklin himself may have seen fit. Since Franklin’s concept is based on his own experiences, it is obviously riddled with hints of his ideas about human life, and his own life as it is portrayed in his autobiography as a whole. One of Benjamin Franklin’s best known publications is his own autobiography. Originally, Franklin sought to write his autobiography in order to share the story of his life with his son. In his first attempt at writing it, Franklin merely takes a week’s vacation to recount his life without any real purpose of publication. After doing this, he shares his incomplete work with a few colleagues, and is encouraged to continue to work on the book. Paralleling many of Franklin’s astonishing feats, the autobiography starts as a simple task for…

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