Benjamin Franklin's Role In The American Revolution

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Benjamin Franklin
Parker Griffin
U.S. History

Benjamin Franklin was an inventor, Scientist, statesman, and many other impressing things. His ideas helped to change the way that people thought in the colonies. He is one of the best known founding fathers and was one of the most famous people of his time (Shmoop). He helped create the Albany plan, deceleration of independence, and in getting French support for war. Benjamin Franklin was a very crucial part in the revolution and the fight for independent. His first attempt to change the government in the Colonies was the Albany Plan. The Albany Plan was a plan to unite all of the colonies. “Under this plan each colonial legislature would elect delegates to an American continental assembly presided over by a royal governor. This Plan failed but it was an important milestone for the colonies because it was the first attempt to change their government and unite the colonies” (Albany Plan). Next off Benjamin Franklin helped draft The Declaration of Independence. This important document told England that the colonies were united with their own government and were no longer to be controlled by the crown. This document also stated that all men are created equal, and stated the rights that all people have. After this document went to England the United States and England were at war. This war was known as the revolutionary
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