Benefits Of Thinkscape By Enable Education

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Thinkscape by Enable Education is an LTI-compliant LMS bolt-on solution, specifically tailored to support learning that is hands-on, collaborative, problem-based and engaging. Thinkscape is composed of 4 products designed to work with an existing LMS:
· APP is a web and mobile platform which gives students a hands-on experience and facilitates meaningful independent learning. At their fingertips, they have instruction, just-in-time support, inline assessment, and tools to generate reports.
· Ink is the authoring system. Existing material can be converted to an interactive format in Thinkscape in under 30 minutes, and easily integrate additional help and assessment features to build a dynamic learning experience.
· Manager
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This innovative product also requires teachers to focus on the development of scaffolded, interactive learning tasks for students by enabling teachers to break down the task into manageable steps with prerequisites, a variety of formative assessment strategies (several different kinds with feedback) and just in time help delivered using a variety of media. THINKSPACE also provides teachers with an analytics tool that allows them to monitor individual student progress through tasks with time-stamped learning moments, without requiring the entire class to progress through the activity at the same pace. As a consequence, student behavioural and cognitive engagement are enhanced as a result of their active engagement with THINKSPACE’s interactive features and emphasis on self-regulation and personalized pacing. THINKSPACE fosters student engagement by enabling students to work collaboratively or individually in or out of school on those learning tasks and increases their likelihood of success, while also allowing enables students to take notes and record their work as they work through the task using the text, audio and video capabilities of their computing device and then select which components of their records to include in a final report - all within the platform. These features are designed to have a direct impact on student academic and affective

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