Benefits Of Temporary Skilled Workers Visa Essay

2010 Words Oct 21st, 2016 9 Pages
This case study explores the issues behind employing Temporary Skilled Workers Visa also known as 457 Visa in relation to human dignity. The 457 Visa previously originated from the multinational companies in Australia in the early 1990’s. In order to provide highly specialised employees to work in temporary management roles (Australian Catholic University, 2016). However, in recent years Australia’s employment rate has declined for domestic employees as companies seek for overseas skilled labour workers. Despite this, according to Michelle Bisset and Ingrid Landau (2011) the migrant employees working on the 457 Visa have experienced highly inappropriate mistreatment from Australian firms as being “abuse[d] and mistreat[ed]”. This is indicative of employers abusing the worker’s rights policy program. In regards to this, Visa Scheme program the Australian Labour Market have raised concerns that migrant workers contribute more to the Australian economy then domestic workers and whether human dignity is being enhanced or neglected to temporary skilled workers as migrant workers are perceived to be “stealing Australian jobs” (Australian Catholic University, 2016).

Throughout this paper these debatable issues will be evaluated using the two perspectives and the multidimensional approach of the human being. The first Perspective highlights the 457 Visa Scheme in which companies would value and praise their overseas workers for participating in their business and contributing…

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