Benefits Of Taking Classes Online Classes Essay

779 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
One of the main reasons people today go to college is to further their education. In today’s world students going to school are finding new ways to learn and be successful from using technology. Correspondingly, online classes have been making a significant impact on not only the education system, but for the students who take them as well. However, it is tough to say if taking classes online really benefit all of those who are taking them in college. The learning curve for every individual is based on personal preference. Not everyone learns at the same rate or is the same person in general. Furthermore, taking online classes may be flexible with someone with a busy schedule, but it probably won’t provide the best discipline or social interaction that is needed for success after graduation.
The advantage of taking classes online is that they can (for the most part) be taken at any time of the day and at any place need be. This option is typically best for those with a tight work schedule or have a family that needs extra care. For those who don’t live on or near campus, online option may be best due to transportation purposes, which makes it cheaper for them in the long run after tuition. This isn’t to say that a school won’t provide options for classes on campus all throughout the day, because it is an option. It’s whether the student wants to factor in the effort and time to get there that matters in the end. Attendance in class plays a major role in the success for the…

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