Compare And Contrast Online Class Vs Face To Face Class

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Face-to-Face Class VS Online Class
Although you are good at math, you will feel so difficult when you are studying math in an online class. With the technology development, people can learn many things by different way like study math online. Studying math online is a new way to help people to arrange time to study, yet they will learn math easily and efficiently if they take a face-to-face class. I think it is more useful for people to take a math face-to-face class than online math class, because people can find a large of help on campus, get more idea which will help them to solve the math questions more quickly and flexibly and know how to improve the capacity to communicate orally. First of all, students are able to get more help to
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People just know the formula and do more homework, so they only learn how to use the formula to solve problem which they had seen. They don’t know how to solve problems which they have never solved because the math online class only teach student to use formulas like a machine. Most of students feel confused when they start doing homework because they didn’t understand the formula or thought clearly. Unlike study math online, studying in a face-to-face class can help students to know how to get the formulas. They will solve more problem flexibly which they have never seen since they understand the origin about formulas. Because the math professor will use his own word to teach, student can understand more clearly and impressively without boring words form book. For example, my teacher liked to make an example of his own things, so it is direct for me to remember the origin about what I learned. If you still are confused, the professor also can complete more exercise to help you to understand. People learn more detail of formula and comprehend it in face-to-face class by professor‘s special word or example, so they can solve questions quickly and flexibly.
Finally, a face-to-face class is a more important place for people to improve the capacity to communicate orally. Most of students just type words in online class by computer’s help and only know how to do math homework by themselves,

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