Essay on Benefits Of Students With Disabilities

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According to recent studies, it has been proven that students with disabilities benefit in various developmental areas when they are included in classrooms with their typically developing peers. In the year Two Thousand, Annette Holahan and Virginia Costenbader conducted a study where they compared the developmental gains of preschool aged children in both inclusive and self-contained classrooms. The study consisted of fifteen matched pairs of students. Students were matched on a variety of criteria including time spent in school, level of functioning, age/gender, and services provided. In each pair, one student was enrolled in an inclusive classroom while the other was enrolled in a self-contained classroom. Inclusive classrooms in this study consisted of over fifty percent typically developing children while the self-contained classrooms were comprised only of students with disabilities. In order to measure each student’s developmental progress, researchers used the Brigance Diagnostic Inventory of Early Development which was divided into three subtests. Among these subtests were self-help skills, general knowledge and comprehension, and social/emotional development. They felt this gave a full evaluation of the student’s adaptive, cognitive, and social skills (Holahan et al 2000). The scores of these tests were then used to form a composite developmental age for each child. Two way ANOVAs were then performed to see the impact of the classroom settings on developmental…

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