Benefits Of Sports Persuasive Essay

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.Argumentive essay
What is school really for, is it for learning, or joining a school club or sports. This can be argued in either direction whether or not that school is for both or one of the two. You go to learn or set out to your dream of glory and fame by playing sports. Most people argue that if you don’t set reasonable goals and have the bare necessities to survive in the real world than you didn’t learn in school. They think that sports should be excluded and school should only be for learning. I think that school is for learning but sports have lifetime benefits like working hard, being competitive, and striving for glory.
Sports are not nessecarly for everyone there hard and time consuming but you gain a lot of good habits from them. These habits that you become accustomed to carry over into your everyday life. Working hard is the first thing you need to be able to do. In sports you push yourself to the limits
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People say athlete’s dream to big or have unrealistic goals. This is true but don’t you need big dreams something to strive for even if impossible, or something to hold yourself too. Last people say sports are dangerous and have effect on your body in the long run. Well this is also true but would you rather be able to talk about all the bangs and bruises then to have nothing to talk about. Nothing to look back on and say remember those days. I think most people would, although that’s my opinion I wouldn’t have it any other way.
My conclusion on this topic is that sports build a foundation for a better person. School is for learning but by providing sports you give students more good habits to pick up and help in the long run. So yes school is where you go to learn but without sports it’s just another place you go to. Think not of the few discouraging things but of the life time

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