Freshman Year Of College Life Essay

Everyone experiences their freshman year differently, and the following tips I am going to give you will help you prepare for a successful journey through not on freshmen year of college but through your career. College is where you have more of an opportunity than ever to try new things and open up, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a new name for yourself. If you didn’t used to be the most studious, or most outgoing you could change up your whole technique and just overall approach! One day you’ll be able to say that these were the best years of your life.
I’ll definitely start off by saying before school even begins, it would be in one 's best interest to prepare for a fresh start. Freshman year of college is basically a clean slate for many individuals, and one can either take advantage of this new beginning and really start preparing for the future, or can end up getting lost in the thrill of it all and you can end up losing yourself as well. high school to college is a huge transition, and not only will you have unlimited freedom and perks to being in school, but you will also be faced with many different
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I am a strong believer of this idea, but college is helping me realize that sometimes college isn’t always realistic for people. You’ve got to understand that college is not for everyone. Plenty of people in the world have become successful by doing what they love, and not having to waste a penny in loans for it. The biggest piece of advice I can provide is to remember that this is your future and what you choose to do in college will really determine what kind of living you will be making to a certain extent. Going off to school you are truly the sole holder of all keys to your success and you must always remember this is your life in your hands, and nobody

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