Essay about Benefits Of Medical For Medicine

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The movie “Elysium” about the future showed a medical pod that is diagnosed the patient, created an electronic record and instantly cured with the report. These ideas seem fantastic, but some of them have already presented in the medicine but at an early stage of development. The medicine evolved with the implementation of technologies during the industrial revolution and now in the time of the information society. Mavericks in medicine have always used new inventions for modifications and improvements of procedures. Therefore, many IT companies nowadays follow the same way by looking to the future and make attempts to implement their innovations in medicine. Some recent IT technologies, such as robotics, networking and artificial systems that can make decisions independently according to input data, have already found their place in the medical field. Even though the IT technologies still develops, undoubtedly they have the benefits for medicine in near future. IT advantages in medicine can be evaluated by means of three progressive directions, robotic surgery, telemedicine, and clinical decision support (CDS) systems.
Firstly, the newest and more complicated invention of medicine, which combines IT technology and minimal invasion surgery, is robotic surgery. Robotics is a very popular and fast grown direction of IT. A doctor can manipulate the surgery robot and perform various operations sitting in a chair. Bills and Oleynikov (2014) explain that robots have more…

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