Essay on Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

1605 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
What do you think about before you take that first bite of food or when you look at an expiration date in the grocery store that is not until next year? Are you wondering why the food you eat is so well preserved and what chemicals are being added. GMO’s are made to yield more food. But what are the cost of this yield. Genetically Modified crops has become a very controversial subject over the years. This is due to the way people have changed their attitudes and thinking in today’s society. More and More people are becoming health conscious every day, therefore people want to know if what they are putting into their body is safe and nutritious. People now days are also becoming more environmental friendly due to global warming. Are GMO’s Safe? In 1992 the FDA stated GMO’s are safe to eat. Genetically modified foods are “as safe comparable, non-GE foods”. The FDA has set several regulations to meet consumer safety as a first priority. Some of these regulations are “does the food contain a new toxin or allergen?” and “is the food as nutritious as that from its traditionally bred counterpart?”, if any of the answers do not meet these requirements then the company whom designed the food needs to go back and resolve the issue. Once the issues have been resolved the FDA will review the GMO over and then will give the company a legal obligation agreement committing that these GM foods will always meet FDA standards. Although the FDA states GMO’s are safe, is there more to the…

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