Benefits Of Fast Food Restaurants Essay

1200 Words Dec 8th, 2016 5 Pages
Many Americans eat at fast food restaurants on a daily basis. That is because these companies have succeeded in making and marketing their products to be convenient, cheap and tasty. Fast food companies usually offer to their customers, “finger foods” which are foods that you are able to eat with your bare hands. This, for many Americans, is very beneficial as we live a fast pace life that does not allow us a ton of time to cook and eat much more healthier meals at home. Although, we might benefit from fast food temporarily, there are some very devastating consequences that also come along with it. Restaurants have been present in some form for a very long time, but in history, have usually just catered to travelers. This reaches way back to ancient Greek and Roman times, as inns and taverns served food to individuals who were and had to be away from home. This trend has existed up until present time. Although institutions like these were popular places to dine and gather socially, the idea of eating out for leisure didn 't gain popularity in Western society until late in the eighteenth century. Most people associate McDonald 's as being the first fast food institution in America, but was really only responsible for being the first restaurant to utilize the assembly line. Founded in Wichita, Kansas, fast food was first introduced to America in 1921 when the White Castle Company was established. Since then fast food has taken over the lives of American people. Just as any…

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