Essay on Benefits Of Assisted Living Facilities

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Many patients in assisted living facilities are in their late seventies to eighties. At this age, several life changes often begin to occur, for example, loss of friends and loved ones, and also health problems begin to arise. Depending on the facility the resident is in, services may be available to help with the grieving and support process. Assisted living facilities also provide nursing care to assist the patients depending on what their medical history is. The spectrum of care that residents need is a very wide range; some require assistance with every task and others only have slight limitations. The patient that this resident profile is based on only had slight limitations. Most tasks the patient was able to complete independently, for example, using the restroom, ambulating, and eating. The only main limitation for the patient was, assistance was needed for showering and medication management. This reflection will address the priority altered concepts of the patient the nursing student had the chance to spend the day with.
Although the concept of self is a broad term, the first priority concept altered concept was related to self, but more specifically the concepts of development and family. The resident recently lost his wife of over sixty years in December. They had been together in the assisted living facility since 2014. According to Giddens (2012), the loss of the spouse is an example of a development task (p. 2). Throughout the evaluation, the patient would…

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