Essay on Benefits Of An Ideal Health System

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My purpose for an ideal health system is a system that provides a flexible form of universal cost coverage for all and does so without wasting more money and without interposing and having a responsibility towards government orders. This ideal health care system will be based on providing quality rather than profit. Healthcare alliance is an advantage in several nations, however, there remains little direction on how to continually assess this group to introduce further reform however, my proposal I hope to gain an efficient cost assistance and coverage. My proposed for an ideal health system will function in the term of cost by providing an efficient form of coverage on services. Lowering the cost of health care instead of having a higher rate would be ideal for the system. Reviewing the consumption of the health care gross for national products would also decrease the cost. My primary goal would also focus on making sure every individual is accounted for the total cost of care for a population so that every individual can be eligible for insurance who is not insured.
My proposal for cost will function with the cost of care for a population by calculating the amount of uninsured individuals with an affordable rate. If an individual is unable to afford the insurance I would proceed to offer a cost assistance option similar to Medicaid. The penalty will cost the individual if either proposal is declined. If my cost of care isn 't affordable enough for an individual the…

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