Benefits Of Universal Healthcare

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Universal healthcare could benefit the United States in several different ways since the affordable care act is still a financial burden to some of the American people. The need for it is growing substantially in the United States due to how many people are still uninsured. Universal healthcare is beneficial because it provides everyone coverage without financial hardship; promotes preventive care, which would contribute to less costly treatments; and improves quality of healthcare, leading to fewer deaths per year.
Through universal healthcare everyone will receive coverage without a financial hardship. American’s will not suffer anymore from the financial burden that still arises from the affordable care act if universal healthcare was available.
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This would cause emergency rooms not to be as busy because patients wouldn’t have to use the emergency for non-emergency visits. With many uninsured individuals using emergency rooms as their primary care doctors because they are unable to financially afford going to the doctor’s without it being a burden. Emergency rooms are known for not collecting the whole cost of treatment up front which indelibly harms them by not receiving payment at all by some of those uninsured. There are those individuals that make payments for the treatment they received but the cost could put the family in a financial crisis. Sooner or later, those who are not covered by insurance could possibly be denied treatment due to these reasons.
In addition, universal healthcare would promote preventive care causing a decrease in health care cost. Universal healthcare is “defined as a system that will provide a basic level of health care to all people” (Rashford, 2007). By means of this basic level of healthcare, individuals would be able to receive all types of healthcare that included preventive care visits which is one of the biggest issues that arise from individuals not being
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The main purpose of universal healthcare is to improve services that one is receiving since the United States does not lead in healthcare systems. By moving towards universal health coverage it will strengthen our health system. Another “main objective of UHC is for the quality of health services to be good enough to improve the health of those receiving services” (UHC, 2015). Through universal health coverage we are able to focus on the individuals needs and help tailor to them. Every individual needs to know what to expect of the healthcare they are receiving. “UHC emphasizes not only what services are covered, but also how they are covered through focusing on people-centered health care and integration of care” (UHC, 2015). Integrated health services will also help with the quality of care people receive because it will be a continuum of different levels of healthcare. With many of the public underinsured or uninsured they are not receiving the quality of care that they deserve. With universal healthcare implemented the public is able to receive what they

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