Benefits Of A Sales Promotion Essay

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A sales promotion is a temporary deal, event or a way of communicating with potential customers that aims to increase sales (Ashe-Edmonds, n.d.). These promotions can be consumer or trade focused and usually involve some kind of discounting or special offer that is available for a limited time. In order to cover the cost of the offer and associated advertising the promotion needs to increase the volume of sales. We will look at three examples and discuss their use in Australia and the infrastructure needed to deliver them.
This is perhaps on the easiest and most common form of sales promotion and usually doesn’t require additional infrastructure. If you can produce the product, you are able to offer it for free as part of a promotion. The prevalence of sampling at farmer’s markets might give us a clue to how old this form of sales promotion is, today the practice continues in supermarkets and malls, particularly when new products are being introduced. In these instances, a dedicated salesperson provides samples and adds value to it with education about how to best prepare and serve the product. With more expensive consumer items free samples are often reserved for reviewers, bloggers and key influencers. This can be a very effective way of advertising your product, but you have little control over what these people will say about it.
One of the challenges with this method is that trying something can be a very different experience to using it (Fried, 2006).…

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