Benefits Of A High Quality Daycare Essay

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Advantages of a High Quality Daycare When expecting a baby a parent must begin thinking of who will be caring for the baby when the parent is ready to go back to work. There are many childcare options to decide on, and a high quality daycare is a good choice. A daycare can be a platform for learning and helping children grow into well rounded adults, and can have lasting effects into adult hood. In a daycare, children are taught at a young age about manners, sharing and rules. They are also in a curriculum environment, learn how to socialize at a young age, and are provided with reliable childcare for an opportunity for parents of all sorts to continue work or an education. What makes a daycare center a high quality daycare center is the way caregivers interact with children, the caregiver-to-child ratio, and the group size (Tagget). When a daycare has more providers than children it allows a closer relationship between the provider and child. Children tend to learn more at a more personal level. Making sure the group size is not an over whelming amount so, children get the attention they need to thrive. It also allows a children not be forgotten, in a over crowed center you will notice children are not getting the attention they need. A care giver should have good teaching and listening skills to provide a child with skills needed now and later in life. All these make up a high quality daycare and are factors that should be observed when looking into a daycare.…

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