Benefits Of A Free Clinic Essay

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It’s interesting to note that 77% of American’s who visit the cost free medical clinics across the United States report a greater level of satisfactory care, as compared to the clinics that their insurance covered once before (Gertz, Frank and Blixen). Yet these clinics that operate at no cost to the customer are only open but a few days of the week. Perhaps people helping the needy out of the kindness of their heart are more passionate about providing quality service to the needy than to the profiteers of the overpriced health system here in the United States.
Before opening a clinic of this magnitude to the general public the organization or person overseeing this project must first assess the need for a free clinic, while also determining what organization will be ultimately responsible for the day to day operations of this clinic. This will involve reaching out to the community and key personnel of the community. This plan should be discussed with nearby healthcare professionals, social workers, elders of the community and clergymen. Use all resources available to announce the meeting, in order to gain the most interest possible which is vital for the startup of this clinic. Several steps must first be taken in order assure a much greater chance of success and longevity, so that those less fortunate can receive the medical care in which they so desperately need (Goldin GL and Hanson SH, 2002). Steps to consider before opening a free health clinic are as follows:

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