Benefits Of A College Education Essay

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Advantages of a College Education
1. You will likely be happier with your work.
My whole life I have always wanted to become a nurse. Without attending college, I would not be able to get a job in nursing because I would not have the knowledge that I need in order to be successful in my future career. However, by attending college, I will gain the knowledge that I need to get my dream job. If I did not get the opportunity to attend college, I would have to get a job that I am not as interested in, and I would be unhappy with the work I was doing. I think it is very important to love the job that you have, and college is the best way for me to get the job that I will love.
2. You will learn how to work independently and discover new knowledge.
Since being in college I have learned a a lot about how to be more independent. When I still lived at home I had my parents constantly reminding me of things that I needed to do, such as chores and homework. They also did little things like cooking me food, and waking me up for school in the mornings. However, since living on my own I have had to learn to do things on my own such as being motivated to do homework on my own, cooking, and getting to class on time without being woken up by someone else. I also value the knowledge I gain more now because I have to pay for it instead of just going to school for free. I work much harder now that I did when I was in high school.
3. You will earn more promotions.
By having a college degree,…

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