Benefits Of A College Education Essay

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The Benefits of a College Education
Commonly exemplified across the globe is the industrialization and improvement of a society through the implementation of education. Throughout history, the health and living conditions of humans have been enhanced through movements to make education accessible to people in poor countries and science has allowed people to understand that Earth is indeed not flat, drafting the universal message that the more education an individual has, the longer and more fulfilling life that they will have. Today, a college degree is similar to this idea in that obtaining one has the ability to pull a suffering soul out of poverty and allow them to have a future. Promoting the race for a college education, modern workplaces favor those with extensive knowledge and understanding, giving those with a college degree an advantage. Offering benefits to both the economy and individuals alike, a college degree is both attainable and affordable.
Historically speaking, a college education has displayed its useful in multiple cases. Emphasized by the article, Public College Should Be Free, execution of the GI Bill allowed “more than 2 million veterans” were gifted with the option of a free education, which later resulted in the high levels of productivity and the growth of the economy (Bernie Sanders). Because this bill allowed many war veterans to attend college for free, many were able to pursue college degrees and in turn fuel the economy by working in higher…

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