Essay on Benefits Of A College Education

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The importance of a college education has been instilled into the minds of millennials since elementary school. Promises of a good career, higher salary, and overall better life make the idea of going to college more appealing. When selecting a school, students want to know they are being respected and recognized as an individual. Douglas College advertises a focus on the individual to draw students to their school because they realize they are trying to sell an experience in their commercial, “Ignite Your Potential.” It walks the viewer through different spots on campus with a different student having a contributing part to say. Douglas College presents their commitment to catering to each individual student in their advertisement in hopes of stirring the interests of prospective students.
In an attempt to build a connection with prospective students, Douglas has current students speak instead of parents or faculty. Nearly every one of the students in the commercial is smiling, and smiling is associated with happiness and enjoyment. They are satisfied with the school they are attending and that entices prospective students to visit or apply, because they want to feel excited about the school they choose to attend. Showing multiple students as opposed to one helps them appeal to a larger demographic of students. The commercial places students of different backgrounds at different spots on campus which contributes to the diversity of the video. Some of the places include:…

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