Benefits And Drawbacks Of Small Schools Essay

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Everything has its benefits and downsides. A small town is likely to have a fairly small school, which lets students know each other well. On the flip side, a large town is very likely to have a large school, if not many of them. In these schools, students do not know everyone super well, but the school supports a wide variety of activities and clubs. Because of the vast number of students, these schools offer much more that can get students ready for the next step of their lives. While smaller schools allow students to know everyone well, larger schools have better athletics, more things to get involved in, and a wider variety of courses for more academic success. Smaller schools have some athletics, such as a small basketball team or track team. However, larger schools have more students, allowing them to provide more athletic teams. Some of these are JV and Varsity football, softball, baseball, and cross country. There are even teams for math scholars. According to a study performed by The Global Sports Development, students in a larger school also have better teams than smaller schools, making sport involvement more popular (1). I actually moved from a small town in New Jersey named Lafayette. My school there was Kindergarten through 8th grade, and had 300 students total. Because of the small size, there were only three sport teams at the school itself. Those were soccer, basketball, and track and field. The teams we played were small, local schools. This made…

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