Benefits And Disadvantages Of Physical Education Essay

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research conducted proved positive towards the purpose of this topic.
What are the benefits and disadvantages of Physical Education in Middle Schools? Physical Education has dramatically changed over the years and may still vary across the country. According to Bright Hub Education, “any successful educational program should pay attention to these three areas to produce a holistic development in the students- a mind to think, a body to do the physical movement required for daily activities, and the symbiotic relationship if the heart and spirit which produces emotions and feelings.”. There are pros and cons that may change our mind of the importance of Physical Education programs.
The pro’s that have resulted from Physical Education programs can in hopes better the overall health of the United States starting from early age if properly addressed in middle schools. According to the Benefits of Physical Education in Schools, “The PE classes help student’s burn calories, exercise muscles, reduce stress levels and improve their psychological and physical health”. Physical education programs have hopes of giving their students encouragement of living healthier lives. Bright Hub states that “people who exercise regularly during childhood and adolescence are more likely to exercise during adulthood”. Having a good structured Physical Education program may help young students have better teamwork skills, self-discipline, responsibility and setting goals which may in the future…

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