Essay on Benefits And Challenges Of The Video Game Industry

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Benefits & challenges to gamification. Scholars continue to search for the validation of gamification and how the positive principles of gamified frameworks may be applied to education as possible alternatives to the traditional curriculum (Erenli, 2013; Hamari et al., 2014; McGonigal, 2011a). From those who advocate the return to a more engaged school experience often encountered in early elementary education (Johnson, 2013), to those who promote higher order engagement through games concepts (Gee, 2003; Sheffield, 2005), the literature on gamification continues to explore the benefits of implementing gamified frameworks. In the article entitled “The Gamification of Education,” Terrel Heick points out the positive principles of gamification that may be applied to education as a possible alternative to the traditional curriculum . Education has much to learn by viewing the design strategies of the video game industry in the development of successful games that continue to engage and motivate players through a recognizable reward system (i.e.) trophies, badges, experience points, and powers.
Muchost of the scholarly work on gamifying education generally presents examples where gamification was either used in elementary or higher education as a motivator for improved student engagementachievement, where best results were seen with middle-of-the-road students (Hamari et al., 2014). Some Other studies have been conducted where gamification served as the backbone to review such…

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