Benefits And Challenges Of Teamwork Essay

838 Words Dec 6th, 2015 4 Pages
This study examined the benefits and challenges of teamwork in health care organizations. I found out that medical staff needs to work together to meet patients needs. When health care providers work as team, they can solve clinical issues and provide better services. Teamwork relies on team members which share knowledge, information and discipline of how a procedure should happen. Teamwork is a positive concept and it brings a group of individuals together with professional skills who work for the benefit of the healthcare organization. Also, there are some challenges that affect the team works. Studies showed that poor communication, poor performance, lack of creativity ,disruptive behaviors, stress, and work overload have a negative effect on the health care organizations. A team is a group of individuals who are working together to attain a common goal (Buchbinder & Shanks 287-288). Teams include people with professional skills who perform a common approach for which they hold themselves accountable. In healthcare organizations teams have one or more disciplines including: nursing team, physician team, leader team, management team, or quality improvement team. Teams can include a single discipline or involve many healthcare providers and the roles of these people are different in teams and at different times. Roles of healthcare providers on the team are flexible including the leadership changing depending on the required expertise, or the nurse taking on the patient…

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