Benefits And Benefits Of Unemployment Insurance Essay

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Unemployment Insurance
Unemployment Insurance is used to protect workers and their families from loss of income due to retirement, disability, or death. The unemployment is sometimes referred as UI, but in plain terms this insurance serves two purposes. The first purpose is it helps unemployed workers with cash assistance to take of basic needs. The second purpose is to provide cash during high employment to stabilize the economy. In our proposal, we would show the ups, down and what we feel is the unfairness with this unemployment insurance. However, the problem with this insurance is that, it does not cover the basic needs of a family household. This insurance is not available to all people who have lost their job. The Unemployment Insurance policy only pays benefits to workers who are unemployed due to external circumstances. It also states one must be looking for work in the process to receive benefits and the worker must take the first job that comes readily available no matter what is or benefits will be cut off. The benefits from this insurance is only for an about 26 weeks and the benefits can be a minimum of $250.00 to $300.00. To address this issue we looked at a household with bills such as a car note, light and water bill, food and personal care for the family. This is hardly enough income to stabilize a home, so how can this income stabilize the economy.
Policy Proposal Outline The strength of this proposal would be to recognized, an increase in monthly…

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