Benedict Arnold's Tactics

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Benedict Arnold used to be a patriot commander. His name now means traitor. He helped with the capture of Fort Ticonderoga and the Siege against Quebec.He was an important military commander, helping with battles and political issues.
The Americans were losing hope.The British were destroying the Continental Army. Only the guns of Fort Ticonderoga could save them.Benedict eagerly waited, hoping to be deployed there.Benedict was a different kind of person.He was encouraging and zealous, but also very aggressive.Fort Ticonderoga. The Green Mountain Boys and their leader, Ethan Allen were also eager to take control of Fort Ticonderoga.The two met up at Bennington. Ethan Allen also wanted to take over the fort.The group got to Ticonderoga on May 10.They surprised the British and The Green Mountain Boys invaded the rum cellar, drinking it dry. A man named Henry Knox took the guns and sent them somewhere more useful for General Washington.The guns were used for good use
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Benedict Arnold has help America in many ways.He is most well known for the capture of Fort Ticonderoga and the Siege of Quebec.Without Benedict Arnold, the Americans would have lost.Benedict Arnold was one of the most important characters in the Revolutionary War, traitor or

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