Benedict Arnold: Relevant In The American Revolution

Benedict Arnold

“The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.” Betrayal happens a lot through history. It happened in the American Revolution by a man named Benedict Arnold. Benedict Arnold betrayed America to help the British. Although Benedict Arnold switched loyalty and is known as a traitor in the American Revolution, his betrayal of the Patriots did not matter in the end. Benedict Arnold a hard life when he was young. Arnold was born in Norwich, Connecticut on January 14 1741. Arnold had three older siblings, sadly all three of them died of yellow fever. Arnold's father wanted Arnold to be very well educated. He was well educated until his father got addicted to drinking alcoholic. After his father
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Arnold was slowly weakening the U.S by betraying them. Andre a British army fighter told Washington about Arnold, Andre was later hanged by the British. Arnold snuck away from the troops Washington sent to capture him and he escaped to Britain. After the British surrendered Arnold returned home with his family in December 1781. After 20 years in 1801 Arnold's health started to become poor. Arnold unfortunately died on June 14 1801. Arnold was 60 years old and was buried at St. Mary's church in Battersea, London. Although Arnold was a traitor he was also a legend. Arnold's name was omitted from a number of revolutionary war monuments. Legend has it that on Arnold's death bed he said “let me die in this uniform in which I fought my Battles. May God forgive me for ever having put on another.” Even though Arnold was sharing American with the British secrets the Americans still managed to win the war. Arnold had a difficult early life because his dad died then he joined the army at a young age. Arnold started with a very successful career in the American army, but do to lack of recognition he betrayed the U.S. When the British surrendered him and his family moved to England where Arnold passed away 20 years later in 1801. Even though Arnold betrayed America it had no effect on the war because America still won the

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