Ben Is A Quit Little Boy About The Age Of Seven Essay

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Ben is a quit little boy about the age of seven. He is about average height and weight for his age. He looks like the rest of the children. Ben wears glasses, but like most children he has to be reminded to put his glasses on. Ben is a lower level learning student. He receives extra help for math and reading in which he receives every day. He also receives occupational therapy once a week. Some of the stuff that occupational therapy works on is how he holds his pencil, his penmanship, and fine motor skills. I sat down to talk with Ben and the children in his pod; I would ask them some random questions like: what did you have for breakfast? Each child replied except Ben. It seemed like he was not interested in any conversation with me. As the day went on I kept trying to see if I could get him a little bit interested in talking with me. During reading time the children were called back to the teachers table for group reading. The students read a small book. First the group took a picture walk, and then they read to themselves. I was sitting right next to Ben. As he read, I helped him with a few of the harder words. After he finished the book, I asked him a couple of questions that might relate to him at home. The book was about pets. This did open a door for some good conversation with him. He told me all about his puppy and how much fun he has with him. The rest of the day when I would catch a glimpse of his eye, he would give me a big smile. Each lesson that the teacher…

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