Ben Franklin Essay

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Benjamin Franklin begins his Autobiography by stating the reasons for writing it. He wished to share his life story with his son and tell him anecdotes about his ancestors. Since Franklin had grown up in a poor family, he wished to share his rags to riches story with others as they may be inspired to do better. Franklin knew he could not relive his life and in fact would not have changed much of it had he been given the opportunity to live it over, but he wished to relive those memories from his early life through his manuscript. Another reason was that, through writing, he would not bore people as he would have by telling his stories in person. And finally, he wrote it for himself to satisfy his own ego and sense of self-worth. The story …show more content…
Most of Benjamin's brothers became apprentices in various trades and he was sent to grammar school with the intent that he would later go into the clergy. He quickly rose to the head of his class, and was sent to a different school to develop his writing and math skills. Math was not his strongest topic in school. Writing would be the thing he was good at and by age ten, he was taken from school and began working for his father. Franklin was very interested in the sea and wanted to become a sailor but his parents would not allow it. As Franklin cites where he came from and where he is headed thus providing proof that we can all achieve a higher level in society. As he moves farther into his life story, he becomes much more detailed, and at times, almost boastful, of the things he had accomplished and the people he had encountered. At a young age, after fighting with his brother he quit his job and moved to Philadelphia, where he worked for a man named Samuel Keimer. The story of the trials and tribulations of getting to Philadelphia is quite remarkable. Along the way he speaks at times of giving up on ever getting there and perhaps even returning home, but he perseveres. After becoming friends with some of the local politicians, including the Governor, he went to England. He spent a year and a half working for a printer with his friend James Ralph and returned to Philadelphia in 1726. Eventually, he took over The Pennsylvania Gazette from Keimer, the man

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