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Communication is unavoidable in the workplace. It 's involved in everything you do in the workplace, whether it 's giving a presentation, or speaking to the person at the front desk.
Communication determines how enjoyable a workplace will be. Another very important, but, often not discussed part of workplace communication are the do’s and don’ts of firing someone. Firing someone is a very difficult task; because, there are about a million things that can determine whether a person ends their job on a good or bad note. You can say so many things,and likely get across the same message when firing someone; but that is only half of battle. In my essay I will study the effect that being fired has on an individual’s relationships; and, preparation
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The time and location should be one that is neutral to both (will refer back to) and according to when firing someone always do it on an Monday instead an Friday. For one on a Friday the person that was just fired has plenty of time to simmer and just waddle in sadness and the repercussions of getting fired and also get fired on a Monday immediately allows the person to transition immediately into job searching because it is mainly done during the week. Secondly prepare the facts! Don’t just come into the meeting naming things that the employee did off the top of your head, look up all citations, demerit, forms of insubordination or any times where the employee has been reprimanded and take note of it. A good example of being prepared and being ready to combat any allegation an employee may choose to deny during the meeting because they can’t recall or do not want to own up to. You should also always have an available witness when firing someone, this was …show more content…
Flaws in explanation or presentation like openings in reasoning can not only easily insight anger in the former employee and can also bring on a lawsuit that is not called for. When explaining the reason termination you should always be compassionate. Whoever you’re firing has a life too, they have friends, family and this job means a lot to them so you should try to speak in their best interest and maintain their dignity. The picture to the top left is a perfect example of a lack of compassion from a boss/employer. Instead of firing them compassionately you are mocking them while firing them and taking a stab at their dignity. In addition to lacking compassion it also tears down their character which can result in things like lawsuits. Secondly you should always stick to the facts. None of the reasons you fire a person should be opinion based or dependent on sex, race or personal beliefs. That not only is a way to get an easy lawsuit but also can get you fired. Lastly, when firing someone you should try to avoid cliche sayings they do nothing when it comes to improving the mood of the situation. Jeff Harden from offers a list of the 10 Worst Things To Say When Firing Someone so it’s clear exactly what sayings to avoid. You should never use cliche sayings because these saying come off as insincere and although you shouldn’t want to make a firing personal

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