Being Distracted By Texting While Driving Essay example

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Being Distracted by Texting While Driving is a Societal Problem
Messages can wait, texting and driving are not the best friends on the road driver’s and other’s life are more important than answering a message. In North America specifically in the United States and Canada a big number of car accidents and deaths occur by being distracted by texting, talking by phone or even using hands-free options while people are driving or by being distracted when walking, causing people to walk into the streets. Due to the lack of law enforcement officers, governments stricter laws and no advertisements in order to send a clearly message to the society about this problem, statistics are reaching high points and for that reason governments, phone carriers and researchers are working on a viable and reliable solution to this problem by implementing stricter laws for offenders, using advertise to create consciousness in society and developing new technologies that disable cellphone’s functions when in a moving car. Considering all these solutions important in order to reduce the statistics and to solve this problem in a short-term, saving millions of life every year.
Researches reveal that about 1,300,000 people are killed in road accidents, that’s near 3,000 people every day that die by accidents on the road. It is true that car accidents are common and can happen at any time by many reasons, just in an eye blink things can take a wrong turn and anything can happen. Distractions like…

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