Being A Vital Component Of Adolescent Wellbeing Essay

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Being a vital component of adolescent wellbeing, mental health assessment is an essential screening technique for adolescents at risk for suicide. Adolescents are constantly undergoing development in brain structure and function. Subsequently, these developments put adolescents at high risk for depression. Depression rates significantly increase between the ages of 13 and 18 years, with 11% experiencing a depressive disorder by 18 years of age (Gray & Dihigo, 2015). Since depression directly correlates with suicide rates, screening for mental health issues in adolescents has become a national priority. According to Gray & Dihigo (2015), adolescents often present to their healthcare provider with other health issues such as substance abuse or an underlying medical condition that contribute to suicidal ideation. This reinforces the need for initial and continual suicide screening for all adolescents (Gray & Dihigo, 2015).
In today’s society, teen suicide can stem from social, economic, familial and personal risk factors. A patient’s environment is often one of the main concerns when caring for a suicidal patient. Access to guns, and familial tendencies should be carefully assessed. Since the adult population greatly differs from the adolescent population, screening tools and assessments should be adjusted appropriately. Health care providers offer many suicide-screening tools such as the Patient Health Questionnaire for Adolescents (PHQ-A) (Gray & Dihigo 2015). These screening…

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