Being A Teacher, One Will Have Many Types Of Students Essay

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As a teacher, one will have many different types of students. There will be students who understand material quickly and then there will be students who have real difficulty with understanding the material being taught. I have seen this first hand in my kindergarten religious school class that I teach every week. There is a student, for the sake of this paper we will call him Donny, who has real difficulty dealing with new content. Learning new things is very difficult for him and the activities tailored to help the students understand the material does not do well with him. I realized he needs a different method to help him understand this information. At the time, we were learning about the importance of doing good deeds and what different good deeds were. Donny, like past lessons, was unable to repeat back to the class any of the deeds that were reviewed earlier that morning. I then decided to go outside and do a trash pick up. The whole class went outside to pick up trash. Throughout our time outside I repeated how we were doing a good deed. The next week I asked Donny to tell me one good dead, he said picking up trash. John Dewey would agree that this was a successful lesson and a good educational involvement. Dewey (2000) considered education as a “…continual process of reconstruction of experience” (p. 90). Dewey stresses on the point that most of education should be based on experiences that the child has had, which is referred to as new education The lessons that a…

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