Being A Senior Last Year Essay

1567 Words Nov 27th, 2016 7 Pages
Being a senior last year, I had to start thinking about where I wanted to go to college. When looking into colleges I also had to look into the tuition prices because I knew that I did not have the funds to pay for college on my own. With going into my fall semester at GGC I only had the money that FASFA had granted be to pay for college and I had not started working yet. Since I did not have money saved up I did not take as many classes as I wanted to. My mom’s friend told me about how her son did not have to pay a dime out of out his own money because he just used scholarship money he was given. I did not really know much about scholarships to be able to find them on my own but I knew I wanted to see if I could get any scholarships. I went to the financial aid office looking for help to find scholarships for spring semester, but my experience with the financial aid office was very unpleasing. I went in and asked if I could make an appointment with someone to sit down and look for scholarships, but all I got was a piece of paper with a website on it that I had already gone on. I was really looking forward to sitting down with a counselor that worked in the financial aid office and see if we could find scholarships that I could possibility qualify for. After leaving the financial office I tried to go back online and see if I could find any scholarships but I feel that I really did not have enough understanding to be successful. Many students depend on financial aid to…

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