Being A Nurse Is The Best Job Ever Essay

1024 Words Apr 11th, 2016 null Page
Many Americans are jobless, some are looking for a job while many of them are not. There are many people who rely on the government to get them the things they need. People should not be happy because they rely on the government for these things they should be sad or embarrassed that they can not get a job to get things in their life for themselves. There are many great jobs in America, there is a job for almost anyone who is willing to work and have a passion for the job they are doing. A great job to have is being a nurse. People say that being a nurse takes too much work or that it is to hard. Those people are right, nursing does take a lot of work and it is hard. It takes a very strong and kind hearted person to be a nurse. Being a nurse is the best job ever, there are always a need for nurses with a steady income, it is a very rewarding job and there hours are nice. One way being a nurse is the best job ever is because there is always a need for nursing. “You’ve likely heard about the “nursing shortage” for years now, and perhaps you think it’s been resolved. However, registered nurses are near the top of the list when it comes to employment growth “ (Nursing Shortage). A good thing about nursing is if someone gets in a job and they decide they do not like the job they have that there are so many different job that they can go into. People can decide if they want to work with babies or elderly people. There are millions of jobs that a nurse can do. Another good thing…

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