Being A Nurse Is A Bachelor 's Degree Essay

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When I was a little girl and was growing up, I wanted to be so many things. I went from wanting to be a teacher, to a dentist and then to a Doctor. When I finally reached high school, I realized my ultimate goal was that I wanted to help people.

Signing up for my major in college, I wondered if I was making the right decision. Is being a nurse what I really wanted to do? I asked myself this so many times. After answering all my questions, I knew I was right. I love helping people. Not just a certain age or types of people, all of them! So I chose to become a nurse.

A Registered Nurse is a bachelor’s degree. You need at least four years of schooling before getting your degree. In 2012, the starting pay for a RN nurse was $46.37 per hour. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 2014) When I was little and if you would have told me I would be making that much money, I would think I was a doctor! The truth is, being a nurse would be so much more than the money. There are always positives and negatives of a job. Being with a family and helping them cope and get through the hard times could be so rewarding. Also, being there for the good news and happy times could have the same affect.

151,400 nursing jobs were found in the United States in 2012. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 2014) This number keeps climbing as the medical field is getting larger and is in demand.

Technology, such as computers and monitors are used as daily equipment for nursing. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, 2014) Today’s…

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