Being A Non English Using Country Essay

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Being a non-English using country, just like other nations in Asia, the demand of English in Japan is extremely high. According to the website Bachelors Degree Online (n.d.), Japan is in the top 10 countries that desperate for English teachers. Even though English is compulsory in the national curriculum from the fifth grade, the lessons focus mostly on grammar. Therefore, Japanese students’ level of English is not really high. According to Hongo (2014), Japan ranked 40th out of 48 countries in TOEIC scores. Moreover, Japanese learners of English show less proficiency level than other countries, especially in oral communicating using English. As a result, beside English education from the government, Japanese people tend to look for more English learning from private English-teaching organization, or can be also known as English Conversation School.
English Conversation School, or Eikawa Kyoushitsu in Japanese, are usually privately operated by different organizations. Opposite to the country’s national curriculum for English study, these school focus more on developing students’ communication skills, ability to use English orally rather than grammar knowledge. Students who come to English Conversation School are often looking for improving their school studies, developing international business skills and social skills or preparing for travel. In other cases, Japanese parents usually send their children to these schools to make sure that they can early build up English…

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